The Independent Excellence Group is a very distinguished think-tank of financial professionals that has had the privilege of working extensively in the areas of wealth management and retirement planning with those at the highest levels of business, medicine, law, academia, and professional athletics.


Over the years, we are proud to say our group has had great success in materially improving upon our clients’ retirement plans. Not only have we succeeded in preserving our clients’ wealth from market losses, in terms of actual performance, their plans have often done better than expected.

The work that we’ve done and the results we have accomplished for our clients represents a tremendous amount of study and effort by our group, and we are flattered to be described by others in the wealth management industry as a think-tank. This is no doubt the result of our single-minded dedication to bring back to the marketplace and to the public the goals and ideals of what we think our profession is supposed to be about, which is, as retirement planners, first and foremost, the preservation of clients’ wealth, and, second, providing them with an income stream during their retirement years that they can never outlive.

The people who call upon us or who are referred to us on favorable basis are generally intellectual, highly educated people (e.g., MDs, PhDs, executives, etc.,) and they all demand excellence. They tell us that their retirement and personal investment plans are extremely important to them and that they must feel very good about the financial plans and products they use. They have recognized that the world has changed, and because of that they want to achieve financial independence and are seeking steady, outstanding performance. Above all, they absolutely refuse to lose any more money. In addition, income tax saving is extremely important to our high-net worth clients.

So it is for all of these reasons and many more, that we concluded many years ago that by coming together and joining forces collegially and intellectually and that by functioning independently, we could better search and access the vast financial landscape available to us in order to provide our clients the most cutting-edge tools and concepts being designed at breakneck levels by the world’s premiere financial institutions.

Because of this, consumers have come to us and have demanded solutions to what has been dubbed The Modern Dilemma: How does one grow one’s wealth without jeopardizing the security of that wealth? That is where we have had great success materially improving upon our clients’ financial plans.

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